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The Top 5 IP Mistakes Tech Startups Make

Gene Quinn Gets it right again with a simle list of things innovators need to think about.

Claim Drafting for Inventors

Many patent attorneys will tell you that claim drafting is best left to the professionals.  That makes some sense given the legal microscope that claims will be put under if a patent is ever challenged.  And if the technology turns out to be valuable, the patent will be challenged.

Comment: US Government Argues in Court that Isolated Genes are Unpatentable

Patently-O provides this important update to a topic of much concern to Green-Arrow IP clients.

US Government Argues in Court that Isolated Genes are Unpatentable -

AMP v. Myriad (Fed. Cir. 2010)

News: Green-Arrow IP Teams With Dhar Law, LLP

Green-Arrow IP  has teamed up with Dhar Law, LLP to provide a comprehensive set of IP services for our clients.  Scott F. Sneddon, Ph.D, J.D. joins Dhar Law, LLP as Of Counsel.  Green-Arrow IP continues its focus on delivering cost-effective IP consulting services as are described on this site.  Now, these services can be extended to include formal legal counsel through Dhar Law, LLP. 

Patently-O Chronicles Rise in Reexaminations


Comment: Open Season on Copyright Infringement Claims? All Hail, or Hate, the “Troll”?

Patently-O provides another lucid review of an emerging trend in copyright law.  My favorite part is the last sentence of the second paragraph (below).  Check it out.

Guest Post: Open Season on Copyright Infringement Claims? All Hail, or Hate, the “Troll”? -

By Robert W. Zelnick, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

Comment: Sometimes a single word makes all the difference - Prometheus v. Mayo: Patenting Medical Methods

The following comment is in response to the ongoing discussion at Patently-O about whether medical methods are patentable.  This is an example of where the recent focus on Bilski has caused people to turn everything into a Section 101 issue.  The following snippet is from the original post.

Prometheus v. Mayo: Patenting Medical Methods -

Prometheus Labs. v. Mayo Collaborative Services (Mayo Clinic) (Fed. Cir. 2010)

Day 1: Register domain names (all) and file trademark app.

 Stop working on the pitch-deck, save and quit your business plan document.  Do this now.

Check out the T-IP of the 'Burgh (Tech & IP in Pittsburgh)

 As a CMU alum, I've always had a keen interest in the Pittsburgh innovation market.  Having left the 'Burgh in 1991 because of a lack of tech jobs, it's been amazing to see the progress and vibrancy of the market over the intervening years.  To keep trak, I've started the T-IP of the 'Burgh page to track technology companies and the innovation ecosystem that has emerged.  

Contact us if there are other resources we should be exposing here, and enjoy.

Reexamination, What and Why?

I just attended an excellent webinar by WilmerHale IP attorneys Stephen Muller and Richard Goldenberg titled "Reexamination as a Litigation Strategy."  I'm providing this write-up as a primer for Green-Arrow IP clients on this increasingly important part of IP law and strategy.  I'll post a link to the original presentation when it becomes available on Wilmer's site.

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